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To meet

Collaborate: "Work together with someone  - help them in their duties - participate in the development of a work"

We can meet and collaborate in 3 different spaces:  



Intensive 2-week course: group and individual sessions with tailor-made exercises...


Individual sessions  by video of 30 min or 1 hour.


Intensive 2-week course: group and individual sessions with tailor-made exercises...

What does my job look like?

My practice is not psychological or psychoanalytical work, it is not hypnosis or coaching. It does not induce an altered state of consciousness.

The information I access from you is often concealed in the unconscious. In this layer, different things are hidden: emotional, ego, instinct, ancestral, genealogical... All of this can be like a whole world!

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        Ce monde n'est pas accessible à notre conscient ( mine is not accessible to me either by myself!) and yet it governs a majority quantity of our functioning.

The interest of working directly on these hidden levels is to go to the root of your functioning
or your experiences.

The idea is:
to clarify what is happening in your life and inside you
help to “digest” certain events / emotions / denials / rehashing etc. 
bring movement back to generate new ways to create what you want to experience.
From my point of view, the unconscious is a gold mine allowing us to know ourselves better and to broaden the definition of who we are. 
This practice offers the possibility of developing your perception of yourself.
So your view and way of living in the world can change.
It is a fundamental work that allows the evolution of your experiences.
If you are looking for:

✔️ clarity;  
✔️ the ability to act by/for yourself by stepping out of family roles and patterns;
✔️ access to your personal power;
✔️ to say goodbye to what is no longer valid for you;
✔️ an emotional stability linked to your identity;
✔️ clearer positioning in your life;
✔️ a need to get out of what is repeated over and over again (behaviour, emotions, events…) 

Welcome to a collaboration!

“She prunes, clarifies, unravels and goes to the essential.

We feel restructured by more awareness and lucidity.

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