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To meet

Collaborate: "Work together with someone  - help them in their duties - participate in the development of a work"

We can meet and collaborate in 3 different spaces:  


A short & intense experience

For those who want to make significant progress on fundamental issues or those of the moment.

Privileged and private collaboration of 1 hour or 30 minutes, you choose the subjects you want to develop.



For those who want to transform their positioning related to the theme of the week.

A theme is given, 3 individual interviews in the week + tailor-made exercises.

To dig into the different ramifications of a specific problem.



Rich and intensive experience. 

For those who want to experience a group dynamic on which to feed and at the same time unmask themselves through individual encounters. It is a form of internship that adapts completely to everyone.

Personalized transformation space during group sessions.



❌ No fixed methods or truths.
✅ But rather the possibility of walking

more consciously and independently.

Pauline Vernet Manuel d'incarnation livre.png


Unique experience for long-term support.

-information to come-



Each text and illustration

brings you back to your essentials

and without frills!

If you are looking for:

✔️ clarity;  
✔️ the ability to act by/for yourself by stepping out of family roles and patterns;
✔️ access to your personal power;
✔️ to say goodbye to what is no longer valid for you;
✔️ an emotional stability linked to your identity;
✔️ clearer positioning in your life;
✔️ a need to get out of what is repeated over and over again (behaviour, emotions, events…) 

Welcome to a collaboration!
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