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A week of transformations

The goal is to decrypt and evolve deep parts of which you have no idea related to money and your potential. 


During the 3 sessions we will go through this list but above all do according to your unconscious patterns.

These are therefore 100% tailor-made sessions that focus where you need them.

Internal updates will be made from these "check-point" themes.

We will see how unconsciously you have put things in yourselves and above all we will advance the blocking structures on these subjects:​

•Your relationship to money

•The emotional you put on it

•Your fears and hopes regarding money

•The purpose of money for you

•Living with it and managing it

•Your glass ceiling against money

•The way you use it

•Your place in society with money

•His connection with your family and your ancestors

• Merit and the work related to the money in you

•Temporality and its impact on the money in you

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retour consulting pauline vernet.png
“Confidence and certainty, not only in the deep and lucid work that is carried out throughout the week, but also in the personal potentialities revealed and the transformation felt. A new impetus is given or rather re-infused and a feeling that parts of oneself are integrated and adjusted is established. It is simultaneously intriguing, exciting and liberating. There is very clearly a before/after which opens towards a future "rich" in perspectives ;-). »
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